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I told you the deal. Tricky with your job though. Ah, yes, “the deal.” How could I forget and yet, here we are on a date. Ever had a pool cue shoved up your ass before? That’s a bit kinky, even for you. Why can’t you just admit it. You really like me, why don’t you just say it? Come on, you’ll feel better. Nothing lasts, Ben. I don’t expect it to. Whatever I can’t feel or touch or smell or taste, right this second, it’s pipedreams and promises and smoke and mirrors. It’s your shot. I never told you game but I was going to have a kid, a son. I lost him. No. No? Try again. I don’t understand. Your chapter isn’t there yet. Because I went through and painstakingly addressed every single one of your notes. Obviously, you didn’t. You’ll have to go through it again. I’ve made copious notes throughout. In question marks? What? I guess I’m just going to go get to work. Sit down. I didn’t dismiss you. Tell me, do you want to learn something or are you interested in other things right now? What are you talking about? Do you want to throw away everything that we’ve done for some fleeting moment of carnal gratification? You’re out of line. Am I? First, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Second, there’s my work and then there’s my personal life and you may be my mentor in one but you have no business That’s where you’re wrong because your work is your life and everything else is debris and distraction and you’re a fool if you think that there’s some distinction for you or anybody else. What do you think, I’m a fanatic? I am a fanatic. If somebody came to me and said, tomorrow that I could read the lost books of the Annals of Tacitus but I’d have to be crucified subsequently, I would take that bargain. I would take that bargain in a second because people come and go, but knowledge can never be taken away. What about your own father? What did you say? Everything can be taken away. I’m going to have to seriously consider whether you and I can continue working together. Yeah, me too. Ahhhh! Somebody needs you. What happened?