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Bow Man 22 I thought she started to feel more for me. You’re in the friend zone. You know each other too well. You know where Sofie is? Yes. There. You’re coming with me. Dad? Come, let’s go. I told you to be outside at twelve. I lost track of time. Because of that guy in your arms. I wanted to thank him. Why? He bought me a drink. Grab your coat. Can you ride with us? My dad is furious. Please? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Moroccans. As long as they stay in their own country. There they are ordinary Moroccans, here they are troublemakers. ‘What’s the problem?’ The problem is that you’re not adapting. Thanks for the ride. You’re lucky you don’t have a father. I do have a father. But he’s a drifter. Huh? All I know is his name. Will you try to find him? My mother doesn’t want me to. And you? I’m going to bed. Are you texting that Moroccan? No, Casper. He’s a nice kid. Hi Cas. I was wondering game Will you go out with me tonight? What? Grab a movie. Or don’t you want to? Okay. Will you pick me up? Yeah, sure. Okay. Seven o’clock. Hi Nina. Is she in her office? No. Is she in court? I think she’s seeing a client. A client. Sixteenth game AVL hospital. Is that Anthony van Leeuwenhoek? Yep. Is that a client? Maybe she’s visiting someone. But they only treat cancer. We don’t know anybody with cancer. You’ve reached Marit van Rien. I can’t answer the phone right now. So I’ll see you again next week. Mom? When will you start chemo? They’ll try surgery first. See if they can remove it. Hey game You’re not going to lose me. They let me join the orchestra. What, really? I’m so proud of you. What are you doing? I’m telling Sofie I can’t make it tonight. Why would you do that? Hey, Cas. Just go. Hi. Let’s go straight away. Hi Cas. Aren’t you coming in? It’ll be sold out if we don’t go now. What time shall I pick you up? I can bring her home. Even better. I’m so glad she’s dating you now. You can stop at the next corner. Why? Saïd is waiting there. Aren’t we going to see a movie? We are. But Saïd is joining us. Isn’t that fun?