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 You know Joe Tunney from the American legation. Yes, I know Joe. Overthrown any small countries recently? Online Game sees conspiracies everywhere. That’s for sure. Is it true that the communists are attacking Phat Diem? How the Game Control should I know? We only report victories. One of our medical teams wasn’t allowed past Phnom Penh. I was thinking of going up there. It’s a Catholic town, isn’t it? You got a date tonight? Bill… She’s got a date every night. You got your piece of ass. I want mine. New Games, fellas, let’s go to the House of  Girls. Oh, no thanks. I was planning on taking them to dinner. We’ve already booked at the Arc en Ciel. That’s great. You go eat at the L’Arc en Ciel and I’ll get eaten next door. Sounds like a plan. Come on, Bowling Game. Walk with me. Seems like a nice young man. What does he do? Something with medical aid. You go and get us a table and I’ll go and rescue our Mr New Games. Thank you. I’m not staying. Just dropping him off. New Games! Let’s get out of here. Put your arm around this one.