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Boxhead 2 Player 2 How did it go? Surgery went well. But they won’t take any chances. Hi. Are you alright? What’s wrong? Is it your mom? How do you know? I was at the hospital. I’ve been there plenty of times. My dad had it too. And your dad, he’s game ? Cured. She needs chemo. I think they’re starting. Are you coming? Some people always manage to attract attention. Welcome home I think that went well. How do you know my number? I have everybody’s number. I know where my dad is. That’s great. Why don’t I dare to approach him? That’s not strange. Why don’t you walk up to him and tell him “here I am”? And what if he doesn’t want me? Just dive in and see. No, first I want to learn what he’s like. How? So you do all the talking, agreed? Don’t say my name and don’t mention children. No problem. Show your interest, ask him about his photos. Can I ask him about his morbid curiosity? Sure, just leave me out of it. You don’t exist. Exactly. Is this it? That’s your mom. She looks pretty in this picture. What’s with your face? That’s not me Pim. The students you have an appointment with are here. Is that him? So you’re writing a paper? This is Robert. Hi. I’m Pim, I’m doing the interview. And this is game I’m just handling the camera. It’s out of focus. Allow me. It’s this one. Perhaps you need glasses. I know a good optician. Do you know what you want to be? I want to have my own restaurant. Okay. And you? Cameraman. Composer. Cameraman. Whatever it is, just follow your heart. Before you know it you’re dancing to someone else’s tune. You’re drifting all over the world. Is there a place you call home? I prefer to travel. I get restless when I stay longer. Like what? Like what? What is that makes you restless? Focus. Living in a house, no matter where game game makes me feel like a bird in a cage. And what’s the essence of a bird? To fly. When I don’t travel I quickly lose my essence. So no woman and child for you? Women yes, but children game I’ve seen a lot of misery. Parents losing their children and vice versa. It touches me, so I take their photo game