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Kim Jong-Un, has paid a deep attention to the visit of Mr. Rodman and his group. I propose a toast. After a warm welcome from the North Koreans, it’s now time for Dennis, as the guest of honor, to deliver his own momentous speech. I just want to thank Games in the Navy I’m so sorry. Anyway, um Games I want to thank all my guys here from America, former NBA players, for coming here. It’s very Games it’s an honor to do what we’re doing. Oh, here we go again with the toasting. God damn it, you got to toast, guys. Got to toast. It’s every two minutes. I told you, it’s every two minutes. Jesus Christ! Hey, vin Baker, you want to talk? This is a tremendous opportunity for us, as former NBA players, to bring basketball here to your country. And we really appreciate the opportunity. And we hope that this is something special that will last a lifetime for you and your families as well. So whatever we’ve heard about North Korea is in the past. We are here for our eyes to see. We are here because we wanted to be here. We are here at your invitation. And we are looking very forward to playing the match against the North Korea senior team, and I think it’s gonna be great entertainment. Hey, bill, you do it! Yeah, I know. All right. Now that the formalities are out of the way, the night can begin, with Dennis, as ever, the life and soul of the party. Hey, guys, watch this bull! Ah! Here we go, here we go, here we go! Watch this. Ah! Here’s one. it. I ain’t had no santeria I ain’t have no crystal ball I had a million dollars and I Games Okay. There you go. I’m sorry about this. I live Games The life that’s full too full too full to mention yeah, oh, my God! Dennis gets more unruly as the evening wears on, but no one seems particularly concerned, not even the North Korean dignitaries. Just ask for any liquor you want, they’ll bring a bottle over here. But that all changes when Dennis gets into a conversation with Matt Cooper, an Irish journalist traveling with the group who intends to write a book about Dennis’ trip.