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And that was because I felt completely worthless. So if I didn’t greet you, it was only because I didn’t dare to. Because I felt Game like a nobody. You all could acknowledge that I was worthy of a life. So why didn’t you any of you say hello to me? It’s terrible that it was like that for you. It’s awful, Anna, and I’m really sorry about that. But Game So why can’t we just talk? What the hell. Call me tomorrow and let’s try to arrange something. But will you pick up when I call? Of course! So that’s sorted! Bye! Bye! Isn’t that him’? Is it him’? Looks like it. Henrik! Henrik! Hi. Hi. How’s life’? Good. You? Well, it’s Friday, nearly the weekend. It is the weekend. So, how’s the film going? It’s going really well. Do you have time for a quick chat? No, actually I don’t. I’m due for dinner and I’m running late as it is. I think it sucks that you can’t take a minute or two to have a chat. I understand Game I’ve realised that Game Hi. Rikard. Henrik. I’ve decided that I don’t want to. OK Game I really would’ve liked to hear your side of things. But since you don’t have much time, let me just say that Game Game I remember you as the hardest, worst, cruellest of them all during my entire Game As I recall we hardly ever said a word to each other. Even if we didn’t, you always gave me a hard time. I don’t know if you remember how you often were like: “Anna, if I looked like you, I’d kill myself. ” “Can’t you go home and oblige? That’d make my day. ” Maybe I said that, but hey, I was a dumb teenager. I just think it’s sad that we were at school for years, and you’ve no time to talk. As I wrote in my mail, I don’t know you. I never have. I thought you were a weirdo, and couldn’t figure you out. I found you unpleasant, quiet. And then, suddenly, there you’d be. I thought you were Game I didn’t get you. OK. You’re no different to anybody else. Hi! All well? Awesome. It’s Friday. Early weekend, all day. I can see that. See you. Ifs just like if any stranger came and asked me if I wanted to chat for an hour.