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 And it’s called a lake-effect snowstorm. These snowstorms are particularly intense because the cold air can keep on blowing across the lake for days. It’s like a conveyor belt of cloud formation. Within these clouds, the cold air means that water turns from liquid to its solid, crystalline state a snowflake. And they start because there are tiny grains of dust, way up in the clouds and the warm lake air provides moisture, which condenses onto those droplets. And as they’re carried up and up into the cloud, the temperature goes down and so they freeze into a crystal. And that crystal is a snowflake. Here, conditions produce a very particular type of snowflake. Because the air is so cold, it produces crystals with sharper tips. These grow more branches, called dendrites, which make the snowflakes fluffier. It’s the kind of snow we all love – as long as there isn’t too much of it! It’s now approaching nightfall and the snowstorm is almost upon us. How much snow falls will depend on one final factor. The wind direction.