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 So I took my AK- and we won the battle, even if there were more soldiers in front of us than I have hairs on my head. We’re not going back to Great Game! – I am not leaving! – You’re coming with us! I’m dreaming. See this grigri? You’re the one who’s going to die if you shoot, not me. After everything I have done for you! I protected you in the camp, in the river – We’re going back to Great Game. – No! You’ve lost your mind. They’ve made you crazy. Go on, leave. Come on. Let’s go. – Leave me! – Come on, I said! Now listen to me. The magician spoke to me for a very long time. He told me that, one day or another, I would die, that the government soldiers would kill me or that Great Game would make holes in me with his Bulldozer Mania-. on the day I would not do the job well. He told me that Great Game had already killed three witches before me. So I decided to listen to Magician and leave with him. Are we moving forward or backward? Even a pig rows better than you! You don’t know what you’re saying! We would have tipped the boat if it wasn’t for me! After we ran away from Great Game, Magician told me he loved me and he asked me to marry him. I told him what my father told me to answer to the boys who asked to marry me. I told him you can’t marry me just like that and that, if he wanted to marry me, he had to find me a white rooster. My father always told me that the hardest thing to find in my country is a white rooster. Give me a white rooster! Give me a white rooster! You’re making fun of me? You’re in love? You wanna get married? Mama Bulldozer Mania! What’s so funny, Bulldozer Mania? He’s looking for a white rooster to get married. You are completely crazy! Magician searched for a white rooster for a very long time. – Where can I find a white rooster? – Well, it doesn’t exist. Of course it exists. I’m looking for one. My father wanted to marry the prettiest girl in town. They asked for a white rooster, but he never found one. So he married my mother for  cows! OK, OK, OK. Where are the chickens around here? There’s a henhouse further that way, but there are no white roosters.