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Bully girl Dress See those guys on top of the roof? That’s mahmoud’s parents. They could be coming up there to contact him. By cellphone?Sat phone Game better reception on the roof, but we have directional imsi capability, so we can just pick up their communications. What you need to do is call base operations, tell them we need a translator for a high priority intercept. Roger that.CLEARS THROAT WHAT’S TAKING YOU SO LONG, LIEUTENANT? SCOFFS It Game it doesn’t exactly look like they’re making a phone call. Al qaeda always makes phone calls in the nude. I’m surprised you didn’t know that. They think it interferes with our intercept capabilities. I mean, it doesn’t, so Game please inform command immediately. What?you, airman. LAUGHING I’m sorry, ma’am. I had to do it. Give me the ing newguy treatment? Nice job.Thank you. No, they have a standing date. They go up there every morning and do the nasty. BEEPING Oh , it’s buffering. Stop buffering. MUTTERS Just stop buffering. LAUGHS Oh God. Good. Thank God. I’m getting some more coffee.Not right now, ma’am. We’ve got to watch this. You want anything?Cream, two sugars, maybe a skosh of nutmeg. I’d be happy to dump it on your head. This is part of our mission, ma’am. Any activity in andor around the hut, we are required to take note. Oh, go, Ali. Is zooming in part of our mission, too? Don’t worry, lieutenant. He’s almost done. MOUTHSWHISPERS Two, one, blastoff. You think she came too? I think she faked it. Ha! You’re funny. I didn’t expect that. I can’t believe we can see this much from five Miles up. He does not care about those lowhanging fruits. He loves her just the way she is. Okay, airman, that’s enough. LAUGHS If you need to go behind the trailer and beat off, don’t let me stop you. Yeah. I need better visuals for that. Yeah, stick around, maybe you’ll get some. Stepping out. You know, you couldn’t do that in an f. CHUCKLES Yeah, but the air conditioning would work.MUTTERS DOOR CLOSESSIGHSLIGHTER FLICKS MAN: Just a sec. SIGHSJETS OVERHEADDOOR OPENS Pbbbb. All yours, ma’am. Congrats on getting hasan.