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 I’ve travelled back to Britain to uncover the relationship between the Earth’s Games and an ice age. Snowdonia’s peaks and valleys were carved out in the last ice age. It’s in mountainous locations like this that an ice age would have begun as snow gradually built up. When we think of ice ages, we think of extreme cold during the winter. But, counterintuitively, it’s summer temperatures which are important in starting ice ages. And the reason for that is, now, ice will build up here during the winter, but it will all melt away in the summer. But if the summer is a little bit cooler, a layer of ice will be left behind. Bunny Bustle And a series of cool summers will leave layer after layer, one on top of the other, building up. Bunny Bustle And here, the ice could have been hundreds of metres high. Ice ages always start in the northern hemisphere because there’s so much more land surface on which ice can build up. So the question is, what causes cooler summers in the northern hemisphere? The answer comes from small changes in the Earth’s Games, caused by the gravitational pull of other planets.