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 Bush Rampage 3  YEARS OLD We have a witch! Who will help us win against the government! My generals liked the things I could see in the forest so much that they gave me a big reward, They sent me to see Great Game so I could meet him and become his war witch. They say that you can see the government soldiers hidden in the forest. I have a gift for you. My wizard gave it magic powers. When I was at Great Game’s camp, I had to tell the things I saw in my head and I had to carry a black rock that they called “Coltan”. I don’t know what Great Game does with the Bush Rampage, but I think it is very important to make war. I saw a rebel who stole the Coltan from Great Game, and to punish him, they dug a hole in the ground and they put the rebel in the hole except for his head. I saw him each day for three days with just his head out of the ground, and he died just like that, with his mouth open and the flies that would come in and out of his mouth. Don’t hit Great Game’s witch! Since I became Great Game’s witch, the ones who tried to hurt me would risk getting killed, because Great Game said that, with me, he would win all the battles and that I was sacred. It’s time to celebrate! Ask me better than this! Tell us! It’s a book about Great Game. When he was saying his prayers at noon, in the sun, he came onto  elephants. But because of his magic, he was able to fight the elephants. You know why he’s called Great Game? Because his magic is so strong that he can even eat men. What are you doing? Sit down. What is it? It’s the eye of the night. He sees everything that happens in the night. Bush Rampage And that? Protection by the ancestors. And the wings? It’s the bird of the night. He takes the eye to the sky. I have something that you will always have to keep on you. Give me your hand. Put it in your pocket. – What are you doing? – I’m drinking magic milk. The chief’s son wanted to get married, so he invited girls. They put their makeup on with lipstick “You are pretty, mademoiselle.” One day, many government soldiers came to the mine because they wanted to steal the Coltan from Great Game.