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 Cafeland Connect And we all got jobs, and I earned most of the money, but… Those people needed the tire and I tried to get them to order the family special, but they all Cafeland Connect.   You know how that adds up…   Whoa, whoa, whoa. You are one weird kid. I’ve heard that, sir. Ninety, ,  , . Thirty nine dollars and ninety four cents.   Is that it?   I’ll have the rest next month. And if not, you can break my legs. Or maybe one leg. Skip it. You’re done.   I am?   Yeah, merry “ho, ho,” and all that. You know? Spirit of the season.   Thank you.   I just sold that Merc, anyway. Made out like a bandit. The sucker never knew what hit him. The thing is, you never let up. And what did I tell you about determination, huh? It gets things done. And it’ll pay off big for you one day, you’ll see. Now go on home, son. And enjoy your family tomorrow. Thank you, Games. And merry Game. Cafeland Connect  Game. Made out like a bandit! My car was gone. I had nothing in my pocket but a hole. And somehow, as I walked home on that bone chilling silent night all was right with the world. Yes! Yes. A Martian police ship form the Buck Rogers Interplanetary Space Fleet! Thank you, thank you! I told you he’d like it. And you wanted to get him socks. Oh, boys, boys. Let’s wait. Let’s do this right.   Who wants to play Santa?   Me! Me! I do! I do! No. You did it last time and you stank at it.   Did not!   Did too.   Did not!   Okay, okay, boys. Stop. I’ll play Santa. Shoo! Go. Okay. Who goes first?   Come on, Mom. Uh… Oh.   Here, honey, this is for you.   Me? Oh. Oh ho! Oh. I thought we could go back out. You know what they say Lightning always strikes twice in the same place. They say that, do they?   Thank you. Ha, ha.   Let’s see. Who’s next? Oh. Ralph, this is for you from Aunt Clara. Oh, no. “Oh, no” was right. It was time for the annual Aunt Clara humiliation fest. Lord knows what sort of degrading polyester nightmare was in store for me this year. Well, go on, open it. She always gets you the nicest things.   It’s not funny, Randy.   Yes, it is. Oh, it’s a sailor suit.