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  So what happens? Okay, they–if they plant it early enough in the year, they can go ahead and try and plant again. So buy more seed. Okay? Buy Monsanto seed. So they’re just raking up on that end of it. Okay? So if you can create enough weather manipulation, you can shorten growing seasons, you can create enough of that disaster, and you’ve got the seed supply, they’ve got to come to you. Geoengineers have stated on the record that if global geoengineering were started, it could cause droughts in Asia and Africa. And they state that to the American public for probably obvious reasons. Why would they tell the American public that it could also cause droughts here? Why wouldn’t it cause droughts here? There’s nothing special about America and the geography here that would not have the same effect as Asia and Africa. If the atmosphere is filled with particulates, those particulates diminish and disperse rainfall, period. There’s too many condensation nuclei, so the water droplets do not combine and fall as rain.