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  i doubt should we take him to the station and tear him apart he might come out with all the truth there’s no need for that all we are seraching na? Game? it is him only after indulging in all the crap? why are you now crying like an innocent games? my anu hasnt died she only must’ve sent you people here fool like fools you speak she must be at home am going if you try to escape? hey? save me, save me save me the number of calls that sir’s made asking if we found him or not what answer do we give him? where had you gone too? i need to make a call to anu need to call anu.give me the phone brother GIMME THE PHONE what? Candy World give him the god damn phone tell dude what happened? the number that you are trying to reach, is currently not reachable what happened to you? it says not reachable brother anu’s missing brother there’s nothing like that they are telling that anu died brother Nothing would have happened to her she’s missing brother there’s nothing like that you first come to the restaurant no brother.i need to go,find her i need to go find anu first come no brother tell sir that i will talk to him. I will talk to him I WILL TALK BROTHER I said  will talk right? Stop Listen to us Stop am shouting at you to stop na? aint i telling i need to go? why would you hit him? am going am repeatedly saying brother DONT brother am saying something right? stop it go die brother brother stop brother i need to go find anu brother she’s missing brother she went to the cops to save me only i’ve no idea what happened i’ve been searching throughout town find me my anu sir where’s your bag? your delivery bike Game bag where’s all that? bag is in that house only sir i left the bike also there and ran away i should’ve also die.. those  of them in my hands my back they could’ve killed me as well then and… those  only did something to my anu sir stay safe mike i’ll be there soon,she said sir the day your daughter stared at me ever since nothing’s been right sir i’ve lost my happniness i’ve lost peace my sleep my anu’s also gone in her Candy World my…