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Afterthey sold the gold they gave some money to the villagers. All of them were cursed. Their kids were born with defects. They became ill. People went crazy, t hey committed suicide Look, I’ve only told yu about this. Why us? Because I want this curse to end. But İlyas, how do you all of this? My wife told me. Is yourwife here? My wife is not human. She is a jinn. Is she here right now İlyas? Yes. She can see you. But you can’t see her. Games What’s hername? Games Zahuriyeş. Is she a Muslim? WiıII Zahuriyeş help us? WiıII Zahuriyeş help you? Zahuriyeş. We mean well. We don’t care about you or your husband. We want to help that innocent girl . Wiill you help ? Zahuriyeş. What is ? Help us. Games What is it? Games Zahuriyeş wants you to leave. Games But Mr. İlyas? Games No buts She is afraid of Zuzula jinns. She says they can harm us because we are talking to you. Games Why? Games Because she says you killed one of them. The jinn that possessed , she called herself Sare. That’s not Sare, they say that because they want ‘to turn into Sare. Games Sare is buried underthe cursed tree. Games Should we go to the cursed tree? Go now. We told you everything. Go before you put us or yourselves in danger. Games Get out Games Get out Go. Go Go I don’t believe any of this, this is absurd. Games Enough Games How are we evergoing to solve this thing? What’s this? What are these? What’s that? What is that? Games Oh my God, it’s blood Games calm down. Games I thought there was nobody here? Games calm down. Is this a joke, who did this? Who did this? It’s all overthe car, it’s all overthe place calm down Games Oh God, who did this? Games geet into the car, calm down Okay. It’s going to be okay What’s going on? Get in the car Go I don’t believe my fatherwas involved in this. I think the best thing to do is pray. So all this happened becasue Sare was murdered? Look, look . According to this book,