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 Car Racing Challenge 2013 Get the net. Get the net. Get it, get everything. Oh!   Is this the net?   Yes. Oh, Lord! This thing has got to be… Whoa!   It looks like your hole may be a little too…   I know what it looks like. Hold this. Come here, you. Come here. Come on! Come on! Two days I’ve been out here. Now give in, you stupid, big fat… I’m fine. Give me that. I’m not finished. Sorry. Just trying to help. Heh heh heh. Haven’t you done enough of that already? You know, I’m not quite sure what you mean. That means that you jinxed it! That’s what it means. Means that everything was going great till you showed up. Really? Well, good. Because I never wanna set foot out here again.   Good.   Trying to get Game dinner through a little hole in the ice. This has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. And for what? So you wouldn’t have to part with another $. Oh, so now it’s a crime to wanna save a little money. A little? All you do is skimp. You skimp on the furnace and skimp on the turkey and skimp on the car. You wouldn’t even help out your own son when he needed it. You talking about Ralph? You ever hear of setting an example? Oh, yes, job well done there. I was being a good parent. You were being a cheap son of a bit…! My mother had not uttered an obscenity in  years. Ever since she was a teenager, and lost her job at Kreski’s Market for telling a hostile customer to “go to heck.” Jig all you want.   I’m going caroling.   Fine with me. And thanks for the delicious snack! Oh! Our own employment picture grew dimmer that evening when I lost the first and only job I’d ever had. Deck the halls With boughs of holly. Car Racing Challenge 2013. By now, I knew I’d probably never experience a Game quite like this one. And I wasn’t alone. My mother realized that in a sense, she too was about to be relieved of a job. That one day soon, it would be time to let go of a son. Ancient yuletide carol. Car Racing Challenge 2013 I would be on my own, out in the world. Into it, I would bring all that I had learned from her and the old man, forging my own tentative path. And coming to terms with the fact that it can be a lonely place even during the most joyful of seasons. Mom?   Mom?   Downstairs. I was trying to find our Game stockings. So many little things this time of year.   Here, I could help you.   Oh, it’s okay. I have to get used to doing this without you boys sooner or later, right?   Mom…   It’s fine. Go on. Shoo. Hey, that’s it. Car Racing Challenge 2013, where is Dad? Oh, he’s still out on the lake. Hopefully shivering and unable to feel his toes.   I think I’m gonna go out there.   Well, do not bring him a blanket. Apparently he doesn’t appreciate anything nice people try to do for him. Spa? That you? Hey, Dad. How you doing? Heh. Hey.   Come on over, pull up a chair.   Heh. I thought I’d take a ride and stretch my legs. Seems like a pretty nice night. It’s  degrees out.   Yeah, okay.   Ha, ha. Uh, I actually kind of wanted to talk. Well, sure, let’s talk. How’s it going at work? God, it seems like only yesterday, I was watching your mother change your diapers.