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  I think you were never old. You’re still young. Like a boy. Sometimes I feel like a mother, when I’m with you.  But you don’t have any kids, do you?  I do. I had… a younger brother. Much younger. He always aroused tenderness in me. You’re just like him. I’d rather arouse less brotherly feelings in you. Exactly. I still can’t cope with it.  Is that your phone?  It is. It’ll stop in a second. Maybe you should pick it up? You’re right. Excuse me for a moment. I Carbon Auto Theft 2! What’s going on?! Is that so important? That’s some crap! Carbon Auto Theft 2, OK? OK, I’ll tell you. I picked a super girl up, and she’s waiting for me! Emilia! Leave me by myself tonight, please. I’m sorry.  What’s wrong?  I feel sick. I’m sorry. Good night. Yes, of course. Good night. Do you know, why the eggs are so great? Because the hens are stressless! If you closed someone in a shack, with thousands of other prisoners, he would be stressed! But if you’re free to walk in the yard, pick a grass here, and a grain there… And lay yourself a stressless egg. Exactly! Mr. Leon doesn’t want any stressless Carbon Auto Theft 2.