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They’re wearing matching pink pompom hats. How mean can they be? Hey! Little girls! Little boy! Come. Come play basketball with us. Are they mean? Mm-hm. BLOWS KIDS LAUGH BLOWS WHISTLES KIDS YELL CALLS ENCOURAGEMENT DOG BARKS CAM: That’s it, Amelia. Put pressure on him. CAM: Get your hands in there! DOG BARKS Hands up, Amelia! Hands up! Alright, good job. Oh, yes! Those kids seem nice. We should invite them over sometime. No way! I’d rather die than have people into our hole. CAM: They crush my soul. BIRDSONG AMELIA SINGS Here we come Here we come We’re the pirates, and we’re gonna make you swab the decks Here we come Here we come We’re the pirates, and we’re gonna make you game Faithie-bear, could you please clear your stuff off the table? I’m busy. We’ll be having dinner soon. It’d be awfully nice to have a place to sit and eat! Later! AMELIA: ♪..walk the plank Plank, plank, plank, plank, plank, plank, plank game Now. J’ Here we come Here we come game Now! Now! You are so mean! I am not your servant! No! Goddamnit! I’m the servant! All I do is cook for you and clean, and I drive you around and take care of your every goddamn need! You treat me like a goddamn maid! I got to get out of here! Jock, go back. Go back! We don’t have a babysitter. You don’t need a babysitter. But it’s night-time. We get scared. Faithie gets scared. Then you need to toughen up. What is there to be scared of? Wolves? Vampires? Rapists! Rapists? If a rapist knocks, don’t let him in! But what if they force their way in? That’s what rapists do! You kick them in the balls! Oh! I need to get out of here! I can’t take it anymore! I need to go be with adults! Not a bunch of bratty, bossy brats! Unhand my foot! MUTTERS ANGRILY Oh! ELEVATOR DINGS RUTH-ANN: Oh. Hi, Cam. Going up? I guess so. You need help folding those? You know game Actually, I forgot something in the laundry room. ELEVATOR DINGS BOTH SCREAM DOG BARKS See, girls? The chain’s worthless. All it does is provide a false sense of security. And that’s the last thing you girls need.