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Stick to the Spanish theme. The punters love it. Let’s leave the Arabs out of it, eh? Och, come on, now, hen. Have we not got a winner here with the Spanish thing? Yeah, but it’s not really me, Johnny. Dinnae mess with it till I say so, eh? Now game ..was there anything you wanted to tell me, anything you think ah should know? You mean, the gig at Ice? Well, aren’t we the popular one, then? I suppose it’s too much to ask for a wee bit of loyalty. Oh, come on! Don’t be like that, Johnny. You know you’ll always be number one. Aye, I know I will. And that is why I took the liberty of telling those lads at Ice that you were nae available. You can’t do that! Who took a risk on a wee, Leb naebody from the Gong, turned her into the top DJ? Now, I’m thinking, we need a coffee and a catch-up game ..just you and me, like old times. Sure, but I don’t game And in future, you ask your Uncle Johnny before you go taking gigs from other people. Is that too much to ask? Of course not, Johnny. Now you give your Uncle Johnny a kiss, and then you two can piss off, eh? Ol ! Want one? Why not? Plays sinuous melody Mornin’, cupcake! Oh! And where is last night’s new best friend, hm? You know the policy, no overnights. Now go away. Don Juana, charming as always. She’s better off out of your web anyway. Now, how do you stand this pigsty? Hm Hm? Piss off! Leave me alone. Laughs I am dyyy-ing Dyyy-ing, dyyy-ing! Go away! MATT Ow! And here’s me, looking forward to this all morning. To what? You don’t know what I’m talking about, do you? Of course I do. You take the fecking cake, E. You really do. Oh, come on, don’t be like my mother. At least my mother would have remembered my fecking birthday. I’ll take you to Bill’s for breakfast. Now get your shameless arse in that shower. Hey. Hey. Starry, starry night. Yeah, sure is. You play very well. Just not well enough to pass my exams. Was that your own tune you played? Well, it’s not Mozart’s. That’s a gift. Thanks. MATT E! Shower! In a TAXI? Please tell me I’m dreaming. You left ma’ money in a ing taxi?