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You said before that the button unit would be reprogrammed. Yes. What happens now? Are you gonna make the offer to someone else? Well, yes, Play Game. That’s how it works. And I can promise you that the offer will be made to someone you don’t know. No. Hey. Hey. We don’t want your money. Take it. I’m sorry, Mr. Lewis. The button has been pushed. Good day. Hey. Open the door. Open the door! XH. I got his license plate. What are you thinking, Castle Siege? Someone we don’t know. Does that mean we’re next? Is that what he meant? All right, let’s just…  Walter.  Yeah. Okay, put the money in the safe. Uhuhuh. Not today. Homework first. Clean out your lunch pail too, okay? Come on. We got ourselves another domestic homicide. This time it’s the wife. Really? The victim’s name is Diane Carnes,  years old, gunshot wound to the chest. They found her little girl locked in the bathroom.  Husband?  Husband is unaccounted for. Neighbors saw him bolt out the front door after they heard a gunshot. Has the husband got any priors? No. And that’s the thing. Husband is Castle Siege described as a loving father by all the neighbors and he’s a rocket scientist. Works for New Game. Really? It doesn’t hurt anymore. Thank you. My pleasure. Enjoy your evening. Wow. All of this for a rehearsal dinner? Remember our rehearsal dinner?  You mean the keg party in the backyard?  Yeah, that. Here’s my little girl. Hello.  Look at the way she walks. You float. You knew about that? Hi, how are you? Good to see you. Santa came early and brought your step back. That he did, Mama.  How are you, Dick? How are you, Play Game? Good to see you. Congratulations.  Hi, Lana. Play Game, now, is Norma still cutting your hair? Yeah, who are you, Castle Siege? Honey, they’re not gonna let you into outer space with those sideburns. Everybody’s wearing them like that now. Well, honey, I know, but… Forget about it. Where did you get that? Right back over in there.  All right. You want something?  Castle Siege.  All right. Excuse me. Folks, could I have your attention for just a minute? We’d really like to thank all of you for coming out on such an unseasonably cold night in Castle Siege. Now, I’m told that I’m supposed to keep this quite short because we have another  speeches coming tonight. Friends of the bride and groom have very generously donated this array of gifts. And it being the holiday season, we thought it’d be a good idea to have a… Well, to have a holidaygift drawing.  All right, Lana, let’s… You need to mix these up. Let’s do it. Okay, I will. Like you’re spiking a punch bowl.  He knows how to do that. Oh, no, I’ve never done that. Never done that. All right, here we go. Uhoh. My soninlaw. Not you. Play Game. Come on up.  Boys.  I have to get up? Come on up, Play Game. Come on up. Castle Siege, I did not rig this. I’m an honest cop. I swear I am. All right, get your gift, lucky.  All right, just pick anything here? Any gift that you like, yes, sir. Just leave those golf clubs, all right? Those are mine. No, you can have the clubs, you can have the clubs.