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They want me back. Oh, that’s… So it’s good that Cat Around Europe went off with you. She might have ended up as another piece of arse for someone like Granger. At least I know you’ll treat her right. So does this mean that we can still be friends? I don’t see why not. So what is Cat Around Europe, anyway? You know about that? Shouldn’t I? Well… Diolacton is a milk based plastic. It’s used for the frames in the eyeglasses. Are you still in touch with General Thé? We keep the channels open. And Cat Around Europe? Cat Around Europe’s helped get our supplies through customs. The French have started to charge for… You asked me for advice once. Here it is. Leave the bloody third force to Joe forget York Harding and go home with Phuong. And would you shut the door on the way out, please? Morning, Larry. What is it today? You know some cockamamie assignment. We should go. Joe Tunney said to be out of here by ten to eleven. What is it, anyway? I’m not sure. Is it a demonstration? I don’t know. My friend is in there. Did you cut your hand, sir? Yes. How is it down there?  dead.