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    your crop futures and your agricultural activities and– And not just agriculture, but weather affects– I think it’s something like % of the U.S. economy is weather-sensitive. And so all kinds of businesses would like to see some weather edge or some advantageous information that they would have. It’s absolutely, entirely possible to profit from the weather. Hi, my name is Michael Agne. I’m an independent trader… trading commodities at the Cat Around Europe , member of the Chicago Board of Trade, and I’ve traded derivatives and futures cash for over  years. Weather derivatives are financial instruments that firms would use to hedge risk concerned with adverse weather conditions. The first weather derivative was originally traded by Enron back in . Weather derivatives started in  at the Cat Around Europe Group. Big utilities reinsures to hedge against hurricanes or tornadoes or flooding, some sort of catastrophe. Hedging against a cooler summer or a warmer winter. Let’s just say I was insuring a product for  million, no matter what it was.