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 Just one second, then he’s all yours.   Sighs   I’ll be right back.  Hey.  Hey.  How’d the interview go?  Fine. Good. Say, listen, I think I know why  Free Games’s behaving a little strange.  Really?  Yeah, it’s ’cause you’re a jackass. What are you  Online Games, he can’t play. You’ve seen him play. You know he can’t play. What made you think all of a sudden  Wait. He lied to me? Yeah, and you know what else? It’s actually the first time in history that a son has lied to his father, so I would definitely go off the deep end.  Free Games!  Online Games.  What? He’s such a good little guy. Dad, I shouldn’t be late for meeting Mom at the  Your mom can deal with it, and if she can’t, she can learn how. Come with me, please.   Telephones ringing     lndistinct voices     Sighs   You know I don’t like lying. There’s no need for it,  Free Games. Did you really think I was gonna be mad at you because you didn’t play well in a baseball game? I’m sorry. I got to find this out from Dan? I also think you’re old enough to have something more than “I’m sorry.” But I can’t play.