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Game Controls: Use your mouse and left click to interact. Make sure none of the stickmen sees another one die!

 I’m heading into a stretch of water called the Beagle Channel that crosses the bottom of the continent. It’s named after HMS Beagle, the boat that carried Charles Darwin here almost  years ago. Truth be told, so far, conditions are not hugely different to summers back home. But there is a difference and it’s something you’d never see in the UK. A glacier. I am absolutely…blown away by where we are. It’s just the scale of it that takes your breath away. It comes right down into the water, and, as you can see, there are just great chunks of ice everywhere you look that have broken off the glacier. It’s like floating in a giant gin and tonic. Causality Story Part 1 But look at that! Ooh, there’s ice falling off it now! And what’s so astonishing about this is its location. This isn’t the only glacier in this region, not by a long way. And yet, we’re at  degrees latitude south. If you go to the equivalent latitude in the north,  degrees north, you get to the Lake District in England. Now, we all know that the Lake District is very pretty.