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Dress Up Games So Dress Up Game Dress Up Games What? Dress Up Games What do we do now? Now we live, Jack. Now we go on about that crazy little thing called livin’. Let’s not waste another moment. Not another moment wasted. That’s not another moment. Our lives begin today. Dress Up Games Father Dress Up Game Dress Up Games Si? Dress Up Games What’s your name? Dress Up Games Sebastian. Then that’s what we’ll call our son. Oh, my goodness. Dress Up Games Sebastian. That is really lovely. That’s so sweet. Sebastian F’resnel. Watson. That’s beautiful. We wouldn’t have this baby if it weren’t for both of you. That part’s true. We’ll put Sebastian F’resnel at the top of our list, because Dress Up Game Baby, there’s no other list. That’s it. There is a list. We’ve got a book that we’ve Dress Up Game It’s just that it’s the nicest thing that any white person Dress Up Game Dress Up Game has ever done for me. ‘Cause walkin’ the street sometimes, you don’t even get as much as a hello. Dress Up Games F’resnel Dress Up Game Dress Up Games And y’all just Dress Up Game Hello. Jack, look me in the eye. Cool. Well, you’re welcome. Dress Up Games We’ll talk about it. Dress Up Games That is really somethin’ else. Remember at times like these, you should see the glass as half full. You have this beautiful baby. Do not think about the little baby who you kill upstairs. If you excuse me, I got to go bury my friend. And then I gotta go return the rental car. Dress Up Games Don’t be late doin’ that. Dress Up Games Good luck. Dress Up Games Peace be with you. Dress Up Games Thank you, Father. Hey. It’s a brand Dress Up Games new day, the sun is shinin’ in New Orleans, and everything is just lookin’ on up from here. I gotta tell you, man, for a minute there, I didn’t think I’d make it through all that devilishness. Whoa! Looky here! Dog poop! That’s dog poop! Dog poop! Hot damn! Are you kiddin’ me? And I almost stepped in it. Must be my lucky day. Ar ! Oh! Oh! Did I just hit your friend?