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Champions league World Domination Hey, I can dig it. It’s cool. OK. Yeah. OK. Ah, shit. $, goes a long way in the land of sunshine. It finally happened late last week. With the extent of his injuries, honestly, I don’t know how he held on as long as he did. It’s because I told him I’d always be there for him. I’m truly sorry. The guys that did this to him Game did they catch them? Mr. Gaultier Game he’s gone, and nothing we can do will bring him back. Doc, my question is, did they catch them? Yes, Mr. Gaultier. I believe the police have them in custody. If I were you, I’d be a little more concerned about his wife and his child. He left them with a stack of unpaid medical bills and not too much of anything else. Now, I can give you their address if you’d like. I have it. Thank you. Hey. You don’t look sick to me, baby. Whoo. Hey, Lyon! Hey, Lyon! Hey, Lionheart! Hey, man, what’s happening? You act like they said you were pregnant or something. I don’t need you. Just go, OK? Go. Hey. Ha ha! Lookit here. There he is. Ha ha! Yeah, hey. My treat, remember? Yeah. Damn. Inflation, man. Now, lookit here. Here’s $., man. Keep the change. Give it to your kids. I heard Russell say you don’t know when to quit. Hey, that’s me, man. That’s you. Can’t argue with the facts. You have nothing better to do? OK. Maybe you can help me, then. Find this place. That’s the address. Yeah, yeah. No problem, man. Who lives there? You got a sister? Come on. Just find me this place and don’t ask too many questions. Hey. Hey! Hold it, man! Hold that goddamn car. Motherer. Hey, yeah. Hey. Oh, hey! Hey, hey. There it is. There it is, right there. This yours? Do you know where a lady named Helene lives? Can you show me? My mommy told me not to talk to strangers. Your mommy, huh? She’s right. My name is Nicole, and I’m . Nicole, my name is Lyon. Now you’re not a stranger anymore? I’m not a stranger when your mommy says I’m not a stranger. Just give me till Friday, OK? A few more days, and you’ll have it. Friday. Not a partial payment. Cash, bucks. Cash. OK, if you don’t, you and your family are on the streets!