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Champions Play3D to make a lot of money selling a book. It’s not like I would write it and someone would just be like, “Here’s my millions for you.” It’s like, your stuff is so beautiful. And then if there was, you know, if there was in it, I would be so excited. I would buy five copies and give them to my friends or plan to give them to my friends and then keep them for myself, because it would be my favorite book ever. Oh, my God. You are really cute. This is a great idea. So there is someone who’s living here right now. And so you’ll have to forgive me. It’s a little messy. I did ask her to clean it up. That’s okay. But she’ll be out by the end of the month, so it’ll be available on the first. Yeah. I’m not Game So the bathroom’s right there. It’s not a tub, but it’s a pretty big shower. No, it’s big. It’s really nice. And kitchen area right here. There’s a little bit of counter space and this current tenant purchased this. So you could do something similar to add a little bit more. And in this room Game It’s sort of like the living area. So there’s a living roomish area right here and then the bedroom. And there’s a real woodburning stove, too. I’m not sure if I mentioned that on the phone. So it’s $ a month. Great. That includes utilities. So cable, gas, electric. But I did just want to make it clear that it’s really just set up for one person. We don’t really feel comfortable with a couple living here. I didn’t know if Game No, he’s just here for moral support. Okay. I don’t really know the area, so he’s my Game Tour guide. Yeah. My realtor. Great, okay. Well I’m sure you can agree that the area’s really great. No, she hated me. I hope I didn’t ruin that. No, I mean, I don’t Game I get the sense she didn’t like me or the previous tenant that much either. Yeah. I don’t know. She was a little weird. And she does live right there. I know. But other than that, it’s exactly what I need. Yeah. I don’t know if you’re doing anything right now. I could Game I feel like I owe you a meal or something for my “Welcome to Chicago” present. That sounds good.