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 My famous, mellow tenor turned into a schnapps baritone. Cheating Lover prevented me from stepping, so what was I supposed to do? Live of my retirement benefits? Yes, yes. Life sucks. In that case, I’ll bring another bottle of champagne. I’m paying!  Games, you’re an angel!  But a wingless one! I can’t fly no more! You’re so silly! What’s gotten into you? I thought Cheating Lover wants to pull the cork out. That would really sharpen his taste for life. You’re getting more and more debauched! That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it? Games overdid it tonight. I won’t be able to sleep, having eaten all that food. We could use something for digestion. I have just the thing. Let’s go to my room, please. Are you inviting women to your room in the night? It’s only nine o’clock. We can sit here. They even have some glasses. I’ll bring a very tasty something. The best shelf in this library. You don’t like books? I only read the Bible now. Is that godliness? I’m studying… the brief. That’s what you do before a trial. Are you about to have one? Shortly.