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But how did they get into my blood? We don’t know. Inside our bones is something called bone marrow. That’s where these cells are produced. So I want to take some bone marrow, to see what these bad guys are up to. Does it hurt? No. You’ll get an anaesthetic. You’ll be asleep. You won’t feel a thing. Mum Games Doctor Moustache is going to take the bad guys out of my blood. Yes. Hi. I want to go home. Are you tired? Hi. Hi. Well Games As you know, we’ve had the test results back. Anja, you have something called leukaemia. So you have cancer. Leukaemia? I’d call it leukebummer. They should call it that. Anja has a form of cancer called AML, Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. It’s very important that we start treatment as soon as possible. So starting today, you need to be in this hospital for a while. No way There’s a football tournament. We have to train. The sooner we start the treatment, the sooner you can get back on the football pitch. This is Afida. Hello, Anja. Like he said, my name is Afida. Hello. Anne Lise. Afida will show you around the ward. Let’s look around a bit, shall we? Come with me. Then we can have a chat later. Yes. Hello, Kalle Listen, everyone. The school has received some very sad news today. Anja has got cancer. She’s got something called leukaemia. I’m sure you’ve all got lots of questions. But first I’m going to read something out to you. Dear students. You have just learnt that someone in your class has cancer. To get a diagnosis of cancer is very difficult to deal with. But it’s possible to get through it, and it’s possible to see that this tragedy can have a positive outcome Games Yeah What’s that string of beads? We call it a cancer necklace. For every examination or treatment someone has, they get a bead. Kim here, she’s well now, and she’s allowed to go home. Hi, everybody. This is Anja, and she is going to be with us on our ward. Today Anja will get her first bead. Hello. Thanks. You’re welcome. Ina? Yes? Is Anja going to d Games If everybody prays for her, she’ll get well. Hell, no Jonas Games We talked about this, Lisa