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‘Cause I’m smoking, baby, baby The way you swerve and curve Really works my nerves And I’m so excited, child Hey, what’s what’s this? My name. It’s my name and my phone number. Yeah, and you got your address on here too. It’s pretty cute. Can you help me find it? Well, you can stay at my house, if you want. That’s so nice, but I don’t think my owner would like that. Right. He’s got you on a short leash, huh? No, it’s long. It’s one of those retractable ones with nylon cord. Okay. I like it. It keeps me from running in traffic. sniffing distant meow I have to go. Okay. Hey, Carl, have you seen Ajax and Summit? Oh, crap. Carl, if anything happens to them Aw, damn it! sniffing Ajax! Oh. You might want to take it down a notch if you want to blend in. You know it’s me? Yeah. I turned human, not . Let’s just say you stand out. Yeah, well, you stand out too, you know. I can smell you blocks away. You might not want to eat out of the trash for starters. Just saying. What are you doing? I gotta go poo-poo. No, no, no, not here. Jesus. Watch what people do and then do that. Do you see Emma go to the bathroom in the streets? No. Well, that right there might be a clue. Do you want to go back to the shelter? Oh, no, that was terrifying. sniffs Oh, I’m so hungry. Well, we’re gonna need some of that. SUMMIT: What is that? AJAX: That is what Emma calls “money.” Cash. Cash? Yeah. Wait, where are you going? I’m gonna work on my plan. You should work on yours. What plan? We’re human now. She’s only gonna take one of us. I, for one, am not going back on the streets. But it’s us. It doesn’t matter. You can’t tell her that. They don’t believe that stuff. But it’s Emma! Not even her. Do you remember on TV when they took Diego away to the asylum? Yeah. That’s like an animal shelter for humans. Oh, no. Oh, yeah. And I plan being the one that she takes back. I’m getting back on that velvet couch, human or not. Aw, I miss that velvet couch. It’s so soft. But why can’t she have two people? Because they don’t do it like that. It’s either