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 Look, I’m sorry, okay? I think you should leave. No. I’m still here, Sophie. I’m still here. I’m not the one who leaves. And that’s my fault how? No, that’s not what I’m saying. Then what are you saying? I love you. You do? Why? Because I do. Well, I don’t love you. I don’t. Except I know you do. Sorry about that, Flash Games. It’s because she can’t have kids. Chicken with Cashew Recipe. We’ve been trying for years. Now she wants to adopt. And you talk about these things- Suddenly find yourself talking about these things, All these things you never wanted to talk about. Should we not tell her? Chicken with Cashew Recipe? When the time is right But it’s never right. It’s never the time. And my advance, when can I expect that? Within  hours. Oh. Right here. She’s my Lucy. She’s my Chicken with Cashew Recipe. Now the mother wants to meet her and say hello, And I’m not even her real father. Lyin’ to everyone all these years Here I am trying to make the rules. Be careful. Look both ways! If your father was not the person you thought he was, Is that something you’d want to know? My father’s dead. He died. Do you remember him? You see? That’s what I’m afraid of.