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Chima shadow Tunnel I, uh, just left the hotel. Gonna Game Got to go meet a colleague. Anybody interesting? I don’t think you know him. What are you up to? Well, I was just on call for a , but Saidelman says that he can cover me for the weekend. So I thought, if I got on a plane tonight, I could be in Paris in the morning. You think you could get away early? Uh Game Hello? Yeah, you know, I, um Game I don’t think so, Cath. I think I’m gonna be tied up longer than I thought. I’m not, uh Game PEOPLE LAUGHING AND CHATTING I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to make it there at all. LAUGHING CONTINUES Well, it sounds like you’re having fun. Look, sweetheart, I’m, uh Game I’m late and I’m tired. I’m pretty jetlagged. Can I give you a call in the morning, my time? Okay. I love you desperately. You know that, don’t you? Yep. Don’t lose faith in me. Okay. DISCONNECTS You okay? Sit down. You got to pick somebody to trust, Jack. Now, sit down. You brought your dog? Q.P. dog. CHUCKLES QuasiPersonal. Why else am I out for a walk? Grabbed it out of somebody’s yard. They’ll be thrilled when he turns up in the morning. It’s better they’re shaking afterwards than during. First person I ever killed, Jack, was innocent. What did he do? She. She didn’t do anything. She was a bystander. Somebody who just Game Just came up behind me too quick. Jesus. How do you get over something like that? If you’re lucky, you get past it. That’s not the same thing. No, it isn’t. Now talk me through your very scary memo, but keep in mind I don’t have your Ph.D. Two weeks ago, I noticed a series of accounts in our Russian partner’s records to which our company’s computers are denied access. Massive currency accounts, all in U.S. Treasuries. PEOPLE SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY Cherevin’s made a total commitment to U.S. dollars when there’s been a hurricane in the Gulf and a string of negative economic reports. What does it mean? It’s external sterilized intervention. Like I’m an idiot, please? The dollar should be going down, but it’s up. A few cents every day, the past week. I think they’re propping us up.