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i was wondering if you could come over. sure. There’s probably lots to do. no, it’s not that. I just Games i wanted to talk to you about something. okay. Give me a half-hour. I’ll be right over. okay. bye. dad? that horrible, horrible man. what happened? they fired me. what? Why? they got a call Games from eric landry. belle? how could you? after all this time. i thought you were different, that what everybody said about you wasn’t true. i even defended you. belle don’t! i fell for it once, this act. but i won’t anymore. you really are a beast. belle! Wait! somehow i got myself wound up in you [ busy signal ] but this isn’t working the way [ cellphone rings ] that we wanted it to it shouldn’t hurt but it does it does all the pain hello? Is belle there? who’s this? eric landry. i don’t think anyone here wants to talk to you. sorry. the doctor should be right with you. hey, are you all right? i’m fine. No, you’re not. what landry did to you was terrible, but you it shouldn’t hurt but it does it does all the pain comes from love [ cellphone rings ] i was much better off before i got wound up in you mr. Landry. is belle here? no. wait. I just want to talk to her. could you have her call me? you have a lot of nerve, mr. Landry. maybe you think you can get away with anything, but you won’t hurt my family anymore. now, go away. I’m busy looking for a job. yes, this is eric landry. no, everything’s fine here. i was wondering is there a mr. Watson still working for you? fired? no, that wasn’t me that called. look, there must be some misunderstanding. hey, guys. guess what! dad got his job back! really? guess the guilt got to him. he called again. did you guys save me any dinner? taking a break? yeah. i got tired of trying to catch up on everything school and laundry and Games sleep. yeah. Do you want some dessert? kelli tried her hand at instant pudding. no, i’m okay. it can’t be too bad. [ both laugh ] you know, i am almost glad that i was fired for a while. really? you didn’t have to put up with all the landry hassle anymore.