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Haven’t Game Have we met somewhere? You look so familiar. Sure. I swung by once to buy a plant for my office. Hi, Jeff. Put her there. Now, that’s what I call a handshake! And I could use the other hand, too. Help me load in over there, you know what I mean? I don’t think so. He’d love to, Mr Parmenter. Call me Roy. May I call you Richard? And you’re Betty, right? Elizabeth is good enough. What happened to Sgt Juckett? He got transferred back to Parris Island. Lucky me. I pay well. You don’t have to pay Jeff a thing. You’re in Fountain Grove now, Roy. And it’s real pleasant to be here. Where do you hail from? Philadelphia. Navy. I write specs for ships and they transferred me out here. Talk about a break. Great weather, San Diego. And nice neighbors. And someone to shoot baskets with. You ready to go oneonone, Jeff? No. Jeff! Go along now. Help out Mr Parmenter. What the hell are you doing here? Every time I turn around, you’re around. Just trying to get to the bottom of something. Come on. Yeah, well, the last guy who kept running into me accidentally on purpose Game was Maurice, a waiter I bussed for at a country club. You gay, Roy? Can’t say as I am. Then why the hell are you breathing down my neck? Go live at Tom’s. Go live at Tony’s. They have pools in their neighborhood. Please get off my block. Ease this baby a little to the left. What the hell kind of investigation is this, anyway? Are you going to tell me or aren’t you? You’re asking all the right questions, Jeff. Something big is coming down. Come on, Dad! I’m coming. I’m coming. Now, look both ways. I wanna go on the slide! Me, too! Me, too! Dad, can you get in trouble with the IRS if you don’t report all of your cash sales? It’s impossible to report all of them. Why? You gonna turn me in? Never in a million years. Have you ever been arrested? No. Now, why would you want to know that? Just curious. That’s all. Are you trying to tell me something, Jeff? No. Why? What do you mean?