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 Find Chocolate Love Cakes! With the Director and Deputy’s security data all doors are open. Don’t scare me like that. Your beloved files. Now give me my  billion Is that you, Flash Game? Secret files? Right here. Let’s see. You turning on me? I wouldn’t say that. Just following the plan. How so? The “plan” calls for me to have that. Isn’t that right? ! thought we were going public with that force the top to resign. What about our plans to create an ideal police force? Isn’t that what we did this for? What we sacrificed our own for? Forgive me, Goto. Justice demands a price. Flash Game Drop your weapons! It’s all over! Seize them! This what you wanted, Chocolate Love Cakes? Well is it? Hold it! Gotcha. Chocolate Love Cakes, hold on! I’m here now. Everything’s gonna be fine It’s all right. Thank God. Don’t do this. Hang in there! Don’t leave me. Look at me! Please!  look at me! Open your eyes! Please! Come on, Please! Open your eyes! Don’t do this to me! Please Mom? Mio. I waited for you. I knew you’d come back. All’s well that ends well.