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Okay, well, this is it. Welcome to my humble abode. LAUREN: Amy! SINGING ALONG TO MUSIC We are sitting game in a little bar, drinking cocktails. There’s my cocktail. There’s Amy’s little cocktail. I think it’s got Rohypnol in it. All of a sudden she went to me, Lauren, listen to this message. This is a message from Blake. I just said to her that I didn’t wanna leave my girlfriend and we’d probably be better as friends. LAUREN: She was obsessing over these text messages. He wanted nothing to do with her and she was obsessing over it. All she wanted was for him to wanna see her. It got messy. He went back to his girlfriend, then she got her own back. She slept with his friend. AMY The person that lived opposite in the little court had Juliette’s number and had called Juliette up to say, Amy’s fallen over and she’s hurt her head, so we’ve gone round there. It looked like people had been squatting in her house. It stank, it was dirty. And she was lying on the bed and she had this golf ball coming out of her head. So we worked till, like, in the morning and we cleaned the whole house up. And I called her dad and we called Nick. AMY We all met there and it was, like, this is getting out of control. We need to get her some help. I’ve tried speaking to the parents and they really wanna kinda take it on. And so, technically, I sort of kidnapped her. I picked her up and I thought, I’m driving you to the middle of nowhere and we’re gonna sit there until you acknowledge what’s going on. I drove her to Black Park in Iver. And it started off with her sort of laughing, You’re such an idiot. And then it turned into, Don’t be a prick. And she kicked my car. And then she just broke down, eventually. Opened up about everything. She said she thinks she’s got a problem, she was lost and out of her depth. Horrible. She agreed to go rehab. I took her to see the rehab guy. She was, like, I don’t wanna talk about it. I’ll go if my dad thinks I should go. We’d spoken to Mitch. We’d set it all up and she turned into a seven-year-old child.