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    I’m sorry. Uh, okay. Obviously, we recognized that you two liked each other,and we want to apologize for acting like Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe earlier. And we know things were said. Yeah, yeah.  I’m sorry about that. Me too. Would you care to sit? You know, Games, they have some really good slippery shrimp here. No, I actually wasn’t trying to be dirty. It’s actually really, really good slippery shrimp. Ow! What happened? Uh, that trucker punched you and took off. You saved the Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe.  You’re a hero! Why didn’t you tell me it was a real trucker? I only stand up to fake truckers!All right, he was a fake trucker. I hired a homeless guy to chase me around. You really put me through hell today, Angela. This is the worst holiday I’ve had since Veterans Day. Well, the good news is, you were out cold for so long,you made it past midnight without calling your wife! It’s past midnight?   Mmhmm. I made it through Thanks giving? Yeah! Help! Help!  Come on.  I didn’t call her?   No! Thank you.   Yeah!Come on. What are you doing for Christmas? I got three words for you