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 Yet, remarkably, it flourishes on bakersfield’s busy street corners. Although many of these city foxes do get killed by cars, the population as a whole is thriving. That’s because the regular supply of water means a regular supply of prey, including voles and ground squirrels. Playing on the streets at night is dangerous, but for the pups, it’s vital for improving their co-ordination. Parents keep a vigilant eye on their antics. Despite the hazards of city life, the bakersfield kit foxes are now crucial to the overall survival of the species. The promise of an easy source of food is a good reason why animals live in cities, especially at times of year when food is hardest to find in the wild. During the winter months anchorage in alaska is home to north Game’s largest browser – the moose. But a moose during the day is a little obvious, so they prefer to move around by night. While most of the human population sleeps, the moose wander the streets in search of food. Moose mainly browse on trees and shrubs but they will also sample something new…