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Let me see This is strange, I must at once you can go up now, I take the responsibility And I won’t go to your costume ball either! You’re even capable of forbidding me to dance with another man! Then I’m having my evening off tonight  So have I  I beg your pardon?  my evening off tonight Shut the door, there’s a draught May I see you to your car? Yes please My most ardent wish Well? I can’t go out I mustn’t be seen I live at Katharinenstr.  You must be mad! What was the number again? . But you’re so cheerful I’m head over heels in love So am I Fritz, look here How can I get out of the building now? Go and have a coffee with her I can’t, I’ve a date with that other with her! You must do me a favour You must divert the girl’s attention for five minutes so that I can sneak out, ok? Be so kind  I’m not working overtime for you  Oskar! I’ll give you this tie Out of the question Christmas Chaos! Silk! Pure silk? No. No Christmas Chaos, no This will still do Excuse me, has Herr Mahldorf already left? He must still be upstairs Thank you How about it? Let’s go and have a coffee No Look at that airplane Goodbye