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Christmas Gift Journey 4 and deduce the make-up of a columbian mammoth herd. These are the bones of juveniles, up to around  years old both males and females. Several Games lie here too all females including one huge specimen, at least  years old. This range of age and sex exactly matches that of a modern-day african elephant herd. An older matriarch, the leader of the herd, is accompanied by her daughters and other female relatives… and they in turn are with their young, both male and female. But where were the adult males when this herd was destroyed? A unique clue to their lives was uncovered in nebraska. Recreated here are the skulls of two gigantic males that died with their tusks interlocked. But how could this have happened? Again, our best bet is to look at elephant society. During the breeding season, sexually mature bull elephants fight for access to the female herds. The tangled tusks are direct evidence that mammoths were aggressive too. Because these two bull mammoths both had broken tusks, they could have fought at closer quarters than they would do normally… Christmas Gift Journey 4 twisting and turning they became locked in a deadly embrace… even more bizarre, this twist of fate then caused a third fatality… beneath one mammoth’s shoulder blade was the skull of a coyote, pressed into the ground! While we can only speculate on just how the coyote died, it’s likely it was scavenging around the decomposing carcasses when one caved in and crushed it. Christmas Gift Journey 4 are still on the plains today. They hunt their food as well as scavenge carcasses but small live prey can be more trouble than large dead ones! Prairie dogs are always on alert… and once a trespasser is spotted, the entire town vanishes into thin air. Christmas Gift Journey 4 aren’t really dogs at all they’re rodents but coyotes are full-blooded members of the canine clan and like all dogs, they sometimes hunt in groups to tackle bigger prey. Some prey, however, are just too big, even for a pack of coyotes. But , years ago, there was another kind of canine hunter here one that gave even the bison a run for their money. The wolf…