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 Other animals to cross this cultural divide did so for different reasons. More than  million wild turkeys were living in north Game when the first europeans arrived. They were occasionally hunted by the native people, but the european settlers had a taste for turkey and they took this to extremes. As hunting intensified, wild turkey populations plummeted. The turkey became a central part of thanksgiving day celebrations and was almost hunted to extinction. At first the europeans relied heavily on local food supplied by native people. But as they settled in, their farming practices began to shape the landscape of north Game. The plough allowed them to farm larger areas of land, helping to feed the expanding population. While this new type of agriculture robbed many animals of their habitat, others were to reap the benefits. Birds such as grackles, cowbirds and redwing blackbirds, exploded in numbers, feeding off the waste remains of farming. These pest birds were already common around small native farms in the east. Now large scale farming of crops such as corn, wheat and barley fuelled their numbers to epidemic proportions. Despite these pests, north Game’s agriculture kept on booming, becoming big business. Great swathes of a once wild landscape have been turned over to farming. And farming fuelled the growth of another habitat one that would become an even bigger challenge to north Game’s wildlife. The modern city was born. The city is an artificial environment, built around the needs of millions of people. And yet it also offers unexpected opportunities for wildlife. This burrowing owl lives in one of the biggest, hi-tech urban sprawls of north Game. It maintains a tenacious foothold in silicon valley. Burrowing owls originally lived on open prairies, but they’ve been forced to adapt to city life because the urban environment has grown around them. They survive by occupying any tiny sliver of grassland that remains. Like many city animals, they take advantage of the darkness to protect them, and move around mostly at night.