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The wrangel island herds were the last on the planet to survive. Remarkably, they survived here long after their north Gamen relatives had all died out. But they were still on borrowed time. When people finally reached wrangel island, , years ago, these last remaining mammoths also became extinct. The events on wrangel island mirrored what had happened on the north Gamen continent. Mammoths only became extinct after they came into contact with people. But there is a problem with the idea that hunting caused the mass extinction. Mammoths were not the only animals to disappear. Camels survived for millions of years in north Game, but disappeared around the same time as the mammoths. Wild horses first evolved here and became dominant grazers… yet they too vanished soon after the ice age ended. But there’s little evidence to suggest that humans hunted horses or camels. This seems to go against the hunting argument. So what else could have triggered such large- scale extinctions? The other major possibility is climate change.