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 Cinema Panic In Canada in , rain falling on frozen ground turned to ice as it landed, a phenomenon known as an ice storm. It continued for  hours. The sheer weight of ice crushed over , steel pylons, leaving four million people without electricity. Closer to home, frost forms when air saturated with moisture touches surfaces that are already frozen. Our Games around the sun exposes our planet to potentially deadly radiation. But the payoff is a big one a planet where water can be distributed across the whole Earth, providing spectacular weather and making it habitable. It’s now late January and the northern hemisphere is locked in winter. And yet there is a paradox about our winter, because in January, winter is still getting colder, even though the northern hemisphere is receiving more energy from the sun. I’ve come to Northern Canada, to the best – or perhaps the worst – place to explore this paradox. Whoo! Cor! This is Yellowknife. It has the dubious distinction of being the coldest city in the whole of North America.