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 Dolly Haas in The Ugly Girl You there! Yes, you I? Come here  Can you type?  Perfectly  Stenography?syllables per minute What position did you hold before? I? Sitting on that bank Silence please! You’re engaged Follow me please  marks per month, from  to , half an hour lunch break If you please Accountancy This will be your place of work Thank you very much Here Gentlemen This is the new secretary Miss März (March) like the month of spring Miss März From today, you’ll dictate your letters of reminder and account statements to her This is your place I hope, gentlemen, that this time, you’ll be able to concentrate on your work Yessir Excuse me, are there any coat hangers? Here you are Thank you But there isn’t any mirror! You should be glad there isn’t Nothing doing, ladies No chance at all? The job is taken Couldn’t you have a word with the staff manager? Hey! Hey! You! Miss! Where do you think you’re going? You! I want to know where you think you’re going! The job has been taken  But I didn’t ask you for that  But I am so bold to tell you Get back to your doggie basket, will you I won’t tolerate that lip from you, do you hear! Others have been kicked out before, be careful, you!  Good morning, Mademoiselle  Herr Leschke, please get rid of that tiresome uncle Of course, Mademoiselle Please sit down here, the Director must be here any minute He’s only dictating a few letters You’ll be coming to the costume ball tonight, won’t you? Of course I am, I’m only looking for a tasteful costume How interesting Are you mad! But that was the Director’s girlfriend So what! If the Director has a bride, he can introduce her to me Good day, Director Good morning, Director  I’ve engaged a new secretary  Good, Leschke  For the accountancy.  I hope at least she’s ugly Very ugly, Director, we’ll have peace at last Thank God, all that loveMaking in the office will stop now What’s the meaning of this! I just wanted to visit you in your office Director Accountancy Who? Yessir Miss März, you’re wanted down in the personnel office, to get your contract