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 Game only sir the spots you’ve marked I saw all three of them sir sir their ghosts are here sir sir, we dont have to stay here sir we’ll leave sir sir take me to the station sir, please sir sir,  murders or  murders sir? whose the th person sir? a husband,wife a small child and then a lady i saw only three person’s bodies sir the th one outside in the garden whose she sir? ehh a student of christ college christ college ah? her name? her name was something that went like… you were often referring to some girl name no? anu? uhh ya anu that name only her name was also anu give me your for a minute sir,please sir? why are you getting tensed? you spoke to your anu only and made us come here right? yes sir just now just now,a few minutes back i talked to her sir then what? its been one week since that anu died what is this anu doing? she also studied in christ college only sir which branch? Climbing Santa whats her address? Climbing Santa street tell the full address rohin illam raasappa street why do you ask sir? am scared sir nothing has happened to my anu right? how do you relate with her? husband sir huh? Husband recently only we married a few days back why do you ask all this sir? why were you asking for me phone? to call her only sir the last time i talked she said she was going to the police station i thought it was she who sent you sir give me the phone sir the number that you called is not in use what? sir the number the number’s not in use your name’s Game right? Game Karthikeyan native place, madurai how come you are aware of all this sir? sit SIT DOWN how do you expect to connect to a girl’s phone who died a week ago? the anu that you are talking about was found dead a week ago in this very same house Murder she was pregnant when she died no no Its impossible sir it cannot be my anu i talked just now just now,a few mins back dont blabber nonsense sir we’ve been searching you only for  days to do an enquiry where did you escape to? i’ve checked the place inside out sir there’s only a bike thats standing must be his bike i guess it is this guy yhat.