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Why are you doing this now? I don’t need to do it now. Is it because of money? If a billion won isn’t enough, I’ll pay you more. Bike Games, I did need money, but I don’t need it anymore. So, you should quit doing it too. You’re CEO of Golden Group. Everybody eats fish. If you play with food and things get ugly, your company will fall apart. Hey, Man Won. And don’t trust Jo Kwang Do. He’s a dangerous man. That’s why I need you. Please help me. What’s a friend for? I’m telling you this because we went to the same school. Don’t do it. When can we get the fish? If you give me money, the fish will be here in a week. There’s a connection in customs. And there are some fish we’ve already received. There are some that you imported. Hey, bring it here. I started with a little so I could make some big money. This is amazing. Look. Can you tell if this is from Russia, North Korea or Japan? Pollack is just pollack. I made three times the profit. If I had more money, I would’ve been a plutocrat. Sadly, I don’t have enough money. How much can you import in one go? If we use a boat trawl, we can import billion won worth. Then you will make billion won. Do I have to pay money in advance? Can I pay after I get the fish? Mister, are you kidding me? There’s no credit on a deal this dangerous. If you don’t have enough cash, I take stocks. By the way, why isn’t Bike Games coming? Man Won, what are you talking about? Are you saying you’re quitting? Yes, I’m going to quit. Why all of a sudden? Is it because the boss got arrested? Are you scared the police will barge in? You don’t have to worry. The news said it’s what the gangs in Wol Mi Do did. I’ve wanted to quit for a while. If I could, I want to tell you to quit too. But since this is about survival for you, you guys should keep working here.