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 I don’t think it’s all that crowded. If you get to the point when you can get here by yourself and you’ve started to have levels without me, what would you do? I won’t be here by myself Here’s the people coming on. It’s too crowded. But we’re going to let them all go. Let them all go. Always think of the movie, the one No. Was she going to Cody Simpson Makeup Island ferry she comes, she lives in Statton Cody Simpson Makeup. She comes off the ferry, she goes to her… I’m not doing it. Uh? I’m not going? Why? Too many levels, that’s all. Now let’s stand and rest a minute. Do you want to rest a minute? As soon as he turns away his anxiety drops, his panic begins to fade. Unfortunately all this will do is reinforce his phobia. If I do it, I do it at night. I won’t do it during the day, it’s too crowded. I’m not doing it. Right, let’s talk about how you’re feeling now. What I’m feeling now? I don’t see any purpose to do it. It’s not the time. It’s too much to do in one day? Ah, it’s too crowded. I’d rather do it late at night when it’s a less crowded. Are you going to be very disappointed in yourself? No, because I came down here. I did, er, % of it. Carmine knows the origins of his phobia, but many psychologists doubt that just knowing why is enough. Game is not keen to expose herself to anxiety, which she knows would happen in behaviour therapy. She’s trying an alternative cure. I am absolutely open to anything, because it’s, it’s so desperate now, you know, it’s a, a feather duster, it’s duvets. Right. Tell me a bit about the duvets. Yeah, but it’s full of feathers. Yeah, you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t have one in case a feather slipped out, is that it? Yeah. Yeah. Does part of you recognize that that’s irrational? Oh, yes. Right. My theory about phobias is that, er, something happens to you er, usually when you’re very young, but it could be later on in life. And the incident is so traumatic that you’re conscious mind can’t handle it. But the incident itself, the memory of that goes into the subconscious. I want you to imagine that you’re walking along a beautiful palm fringed tropical beach with white sand and a clear… Using hypnosis, Cody Simpson Makeup is trying to recondition Game’s subconscious fear responses. You are determined to relax whenever you see a bird or a feather and remain cool calm and in complete control. Now listen very carefully. Concentrate on my voice. During session , Game had a flashback. A long forgotten childhood memory of a bird trapped in her grandmother’s house. To find out if these memories are real she’s off to see her grandmother. It was just going all round the house flying anywhere. It was scared, the bird was more scared than we was. But you was terrified. And they, well, where would I have been when you picked the feathers up? Was I upset? I don’t know. You can’t remember can you?  years ago? Would you remember who picked the feathers up? No. No. No, probably not. But, you see, my Mum can’t even remember. Your Mum wasn’t there. I know, but Mum can’t remember my, my coming home and saying, oh, god, when I was at my Nanny’s today and, er…