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In a month, we’ll be able to apply for a passport. Then you can leave me. I won’t. You don’t need anybody. Drop it. Come pick me up tonight? Don’t forget the samples! Hello? Louis? Louis who? I have no brother. Not interested. Hello? I don’t know you. I have no brother called Louis. Stop pissing me off! Take a seat. Here, new name, new passport, so you needn’t worry. The cops are watching me. Did they question you? They called. To tell you, “This is the police”? It’s not funny. They pretended to be someone else. Who? My brother. You have a brother? Yeah. I haven’t seen him in years. It must be a cop ruse. It scares me. Why wouldn’t it be your brother? He doesn’t know where I am. I should stop traveling for a while. You have a new passport, you can take a little trip. Nothing unusual. Really? I’m fed up of taking risks for next to nothing. I carry fortunes for EUR ! Risks? At worst, they send you back to Algeria. It’s your country. I doubt you’d be willing to go back. I’ll pay you EUR , for this trip. It’s for financing a school in Saudi Arabia. It’s a privilege. Think of the community. Why so quiet? The community, the fight… Two years in jail make you see things differently. Don’t talk to me like that. The community didn’t send you to jail! At one point, I thought you were watching me. I’m busy now, come by tonight. We can talk quietly. I’m buying dinner, OK? It’s Louis, I mean Lunes. Do whatever you want, Hamid, but Mom’s in the hospital. It’s pretty serious. She’d like to see you. I’ll be at the Neuchâtel train station bar tomorrow morning. I’ll wait till AM. If you don’t come, don’t worry, you’ll never hear from me again. You’re early. Can I have some fruit juice? Got your brother’s message? Why didn’t you tell me you had family in Switzerland? I don’t know anything about you. It’s as if you’re hiding. What are we doing on Saturday? Did you invite anyone? Wanna come have dinner Saturday night? Leave him alone. What? Nothing. He’s my husband. No luck. Inviting people isn’t my thing. What’s that bag for? I gotta go.