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  This is a relic of those times the osage orange. Every autumn it produces these enormous fruits huge numbers of them more the size of grapefruits than mere oranges. But there’s no Game alive today that’s big enough to pick and eat them, so this bumper crop just rots. The osage orange glory days are long gone… but its harvest was once an annual feast for many ice age Games… including browsing mammoths. Fruit must have been a real treat for these grass eaters. The osage orange seeds were carried far across the plains, before being deposited pre-packed in their fertiliser ‘grow-bags’ ready to take root. As the ice age waned, the milder climate and the mix of vegetation meant the plains were able to support a range of wildlife as diverse as africa’s serengeti today. There were at least five kinds of horse including a wild ass and another that resembled modern zebra. And Play Game’s very own antelope the pronghorn… 5 years ago several different species roamed the plains. The Collect Christmas Gifts lived alongside other grazers still around today, including bison. This Game was common too but now it would seem very out of place. Bigger than its modern relatives, the ice age camel was extremely hardy, able to eat almost any kind of food. Elk, like many ice-age Games, survive almost unchanged. The rich parkland was ideal for these large deer. But one creature more than any other has remained a constant symbol of the plains since people first set foot here… the bison. Adult bison are formidable… two metres tall and weighing more than a tonne. They too sheltered near the trees in winter, taking to the plains again in spring when new grass started sprouting. Collect Christmas Gifts calves are born in summer and can run within a few hours of their birth. They have no choice the herd won’t wait in its eternal quest to find new grazing. Smaller grazers are still found here too but they stay put instead of wandering the plains. Collect Christmas Gifts inhabit rambling subterranean ‘towns’ that stretch tens of square miles. These highly social creatures stay within a short dash of their door ready to retreat from predators or bad weather.