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Combat Hero Big Adventures Sir, I don’t do this anymore! When are you gonna let your past go! In country with severe energy crisis,people are only pointing fingers game but there a polition, who has madehis mission to solve this problem We’ve here with us, Mr. Ijaz Khan Mr. Khan, People consider you hope for democracy Even calling you Messiahgame What do you propose for this problem?Well, I am not game , not the only polition or Messiah I try to work with everypolition of Pakistan When this dam will be finished,It will be victory for the whole Pakistan! game But the People are on the streets,protesting game So you still speculate thatthis dam could be built game ? I don’t speculate, I firmly believe thatwe will finish by the power of firm believe! game Wait one naive question! We can’t built anythingbased only on firmbelief!! We need resources, expertise, along the spirit! This country was not constitutedfrom international funding This country was by muslims,by their love & passion and their blood! You’re right, we need resources, expertise But you are underestimating people of Pakistan MoveNever in the History of Pakistan, game , the people themselves arranged the funds This Ehtasham, Stop it, I’m trying to watch the show EHTASHAM, STOP IT!! Fine, I am Sorry, Jeez Why can’t you pick up your things andput them in the right place!! I’m done mothering you! Pick it up, Stop being lazy all the time!!! Lazy? You’re serious? See,dead terroristwould like to disagree with you! The Chinese Governmentwould like to disagree with you! Such a show off!! Oh Shit! HelloJaveria, is your brother with you? Um, Yes, he’s right here! Get ready at Point Bravo inminsBoth of you Sure, We’ll We’ll be there!We? What do you mean we?There is a meeting at Poitn Bravo in mins I don’t get it, why they call me on these meetings? I am from Field Operations,What Good am I for these meetings? They don’t even let me speak! You know what? What?This time I’m gonna speak game Right I’m serious!You know exactly what boss is gonna say? He’s gonna say,Ehatasham, Just try not to be yourself!